About Us

Originally formed in 2012 by Tony ‘Viper’ Thomas, Integral Nation is a Multi-National Professional e-Sports Organisation based in Australia that at the start of 2016 closed indefinitely to rebuild. In June 2016 Integral Nation reformed by past Owner Luke ‘SounDWav3’ Michalowsky and past Operations Manager Kim ‘BowWow’ Ingram in the effort to yet again join the ranks of some of the very best ANZ e-Sports organisations.

Currently powered by the likes of Kontrol Freek and Arma Centrum, and a popular fan base known as iNation, Integral Nation strives to be the best it possibly can, and become a dominant force in the world of e-Sports. With accolades such as having a XBOX Call of Duty team featuring in the Call of Duty World Championships in Los Angeles it’s hard to deny that Integral are one of the very best ANZ e-Sports has to offer. We have, we do and always will continue to do the impossible.

At Integral Nation, we strive to be the best we possibly can in every aspect of e-Sports. We have a team of highly professional and dedicated staff that share the same goals and vision of our founders. Integral aims to be one of the top teams in the Oceania region with future goals of expanding to North America and Europe. Our aim is to have the best teams from across the globe, competing on the world stage. Integral Nation make every effort to support, manage, coach and also engage with our teams to ensure they are at their best in order to play at the best of their abilities, while also having the funding and equipment to do so.

Integral Nation strive to progress e-Sports from an industry only enjoyed by hardcore gamers to an industry easily assessable, enjoyed and followed by many outside the industry. We aim to achieve this by marketing e-Sports and our partners through our highly viewed social media outlets, clothing apparel stores and presence at offline events.